pinentry-qt (svn/r153) crashes on exec @ "assuan_register_command"; v0.7.2 execs no error.

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Mon Jan 29 22:13:52 CET 2007

Werner Koch wrote:
> I don't like this.  If you really need to be called by sh, pinentry
> should re-exec itself. 
> What is the reason that you need to be called by sh? I presume sh sets
> some extra environment variables from a global configiration file.

Otherwise the application bundle isn't read correctly and pinentry
cannot grab the keyboard focus etc.  Yes it's a hack, but I submitted it
to you months ago for comment.

> What about integrating the ObjC version into the pinentry package
> proper?

I gave up when I didn't hear back from you.


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