New command line language parameter

Juan Marugán jmarugan at
Tue Jan 30 10:52:26 CET 2007


I use gpg a lot everyday, it's a great tool. I'm going to explain my 
situation, so perhaps you can help me. I'm quite sure there are a lot 
of people in the same case.

I'm spanish and I like to use spanish versions of the applications 
that I use every day when they're available. In my computer under 
Windows XP I have the 1.4.6 GPG version with the "Lang" key in the 
registry, under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\GnuPG" pointing to 
the spanish language file and everything works great in spanish, but 
if I copy my GnuPG installation folder to a pendrive or USB HD in 
order to run it from other computer different than mine (my laptop, a 
friend's computer, cyber-coffe, etc), everything still working great, 
but in the target computer the gpg registry key is not present, or 
what is worst, is pointing to another different folder because 
another version of GPG is installed, and all the program turns to 
english again or some other language deppending on the possible 
installed version and the compatibilities with mine.

My request for the next version of GNUPG is that it will be great if 
a command line parameter can overrride that language registry key 
configuration, as the "HomeDir" key can be overriden with the 
--homedir parameter. In that case, people will be able to call the 
program or create for example a .bat file so they can run the pgp.exe 
program in the desired home folder and desired language in any 
computer with or without the registry keys.

For example (sign_verify.bat):

---Begining of .bat file ----------------------------------
@echo off
echo Verifying...
%1\gpg.exe --homedir %2 --langfile %1\gnupg.nls\ --verify %3
---End of .bat file ---------------------------------------

	--langfile can be the name of the new parameter
	%1 is the .bat parameter with the installation folder of GnuPG
	%2 is the .bat parameter with the ring's path
	%3 is the .bat parameter with the file going to be verifyied

The call could be something like:

	sign_verify c:\gnupg h:\docs\gnupg\rings c:\mail.txt

With this new parameter you can have another advantage and is the 
possibility of running several diferent versions of GnuPG in the same 
machine. Now all of them will look for the language files in the same 
pointed folder by the registry. With this new parameter you can run 
issolated any future version in order to test or whatever you need.

While this can be done, does anyone know how to forze the language 
settings without using the registry?

Thanks in advance to everybody

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