gpgsm - "middle"-certificates

Daniel Kaminsky danielkaminsky at
Wed Jul 11 07:56:27 CEST 2007


Thanks for your reply.

> They should install these certificates 
That's right, but I want to avoid this. This is also the reason why I have 
chosen a CA whose certificates are pre-installed.

> or you can end them along;  Kmail 
> has an option in the crypto backend for this which is actually
>   @item --include-certs @var{n}
>   @opindex include-certs
>   Using @var{n} of -2 includes all certificate except for the root cert,
>   -1 includes all certs, 0 does not include any certs, 1 includes only
>   the signers cert (this is the default) and all other positive
>   values include up to @var{n} certificates starting with the signer cert.
> So might want to set this to 2.
This is just the option I needed. Unfortunately I cannot set it in KMail, as I 
am not able to find it there. (Ubuntu with KDE 3.5.6 and KMail 1.9.6).
But setting the option directly in gpgsm.conf works perfectly.

Regards, Daniel

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