gpgsm - "middle"-certificates

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jul 10 17:48:45 CEST 2007

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007 10:47, danielkaminsky at said:

> I am able to sign and or encrpyt my mails. To do this, I have ordered an 
> demonstration certificate from GlobalSign. Their root certificate is 
> installed in most browsers and mail readers.
> The problem I have, is that the "middle"-certificates, i.e. the certificates 
> in the chain between my user certificate and the root certificate, are not 
> sent along. This results in complaints about not being able to verify my 
> signature.

They should install these certificates or you can end them along;  Kmail
has an option in the crypto backend for this which is actually

  @item --include-certs @var{n}
  @opindex include-certs
  Using @var{n} of -2 includes all certificate except for the root cert,
  -1 includes all certs, 0 does not include any certs, 1 includes only
  the signers cert (this is the default) and all other positive
  values include up to @var{n} certificates starting with the signer cert.

So might want to set this to 2.



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