Windows / Linux encoding issues

Sacha at
Sat Jul 28 17:57:30 CEST 2007


I've created my key pair using WinPT under Windows 2000. I used special
characters (like é, è, ç, à, etcetera) in my passphrase.

Since a hard drive crash, I've installed Gentoo Linux on the computer
and I can not found my Windows 2000 installation CD. I've successfully
imported my private key in GnuPG from a backup, but when  I type my
passphrase, GnuPG says that it's a bad passphrase.

My idea is that there is a charset encoding issue, because under Linux I
have UTF-8 in my X server and ISO-859-1 in the console. And what under
Windows 2000 used is, I really don't know (Windows-1252 ? perhaps...).

Can you suggest me something to found the right passphrase ?

Thank you - very much.


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