Odd characters in Thunderbird compose of gnupg

Andrew Berg bahamut at digital-signal.net
Sat Nov 17 17:57:36 CET 2007

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Robert D. wrote:
> However, this started a different problem on her XP machine. Namely,
> from a command prompt, typing in gpg yields an error stating that gpg
> isn't registered or available or located or whatever.
> I took it to mean that gpg hadn't added the sys var stating its true
> folder location ... but his didn't exist earlier.
It's not in the path.
Unlike Mac OS X, installed programs have the executable in their own
little directories. There isn't a central directory for executables
(like /usr/bin) that would be set as a path.
You can:
 - add the directory in which gpg.exe exists to %path% (I forget the
directory since I don't use the standard directory in %programfiles%)*
 - copy gpg and the other related executables to a directory already
in %path% (e.g. %windir%\system32)


One way to do the recommended action is to go to Control Panel ->
System -> Advanced -> Environment variables. From there, you need to
modify the %path% variable. This is located under System Variables.
Just add a semicolon followed by the directory where GPG is. This
modifies the path for all users and requires admin rights. You can add
the directory specifically for the current user by adding a variable
named "Path" (if it doesn't already exist) to User Variables and
setting it to %path%;[GPG directory].
There is also the set command, but I'm not sure if it modifies the
user's path or the system's path.

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