[Announce] GnuPG release candidate 1.4.8

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Nov 19 11:30:14 CET 2007

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007 23:38, alon.barlev at gmail.com said:

> http://sources.gentoo.org/viewcvs.py/gentoo-x86/app-crypt/gnupg/files/gnupg-1.4.3-keyserver.patch?rev=1.1

I can't see for what this patch is good for:

-  if(strcmp(type,"ldaps")==0)
+  if(strcmp(type,"ldap")==0)
+    return "ldap";
+  else if(strcmp(type,"ldaps")==0)
     return "ldap";
     return type;

The check for "ldap" seems to be superflous as it is a NOP.

> http://sources.gentoo.org/viewcvs.py/gentoo-x86/app-crypt/gnupg/files/gnupg-1.4.3-selftest.patch?rev=1.1

-	echo "../g10/gpg --no-options --no-greeting \
+	echo "../g10/gpg --no-options --no-greeting --homedir . \
              --no-secmem-warning --batch --dearmor" >>./gpg_dearmor
 	chmod 755 ./gpg_dearmor
+	if test ! -f ./pubring.gpg; then touch -t 197001020000 ./pubring.gpg; fi
+	if test ! -f ./secring.gpg; then touch -t 197001020000 ./secring.gpg; fi

Please explain.  

> http://sources.gentoo.org/viewcvs.py/gentoo-x86/app-crypt/gnupg/files/gnupg-1.4.6-badruman.patch?rev=1.1

I can't see any problem with gpg.ru.

BTW, it would make thing much easier if the pacthes are creasted with

> There was also an issue with PIC:
>     sed -i -e 's:PIC:__PIC__:' mpi/i386/mpih-{add,sub}1.S intl/relocatable.c
>     sed -i -e 's:if PIC:ifdef __PIC__:' mpi/sparc32v8/mpih-mul{1,2}.S

Please send a more detailed bug report.



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