Naming of GnuPG

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Mon Apr 21 20:02:43 CEST 2008

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008, Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
  . . .
> - Set up some place (perhaps in the FAQ and even in the download area)
> where you just say all that, namely: New features will probably go to
> 2.x, both will have the same security support, for the places where both
> provide the same stuff (openPGP) both provide exactly the same
> features... etc.

FWIW, one way to make this information clear would be
to make it part of a *theme* of information presentation.
For example, something like starting the FAQ, and maybe
starting any page which contains much information, with
something like (I'm quickly now trying to use grammatical
forms which are as globally language-neutral as possible):

"To use encryption wisely requires thought and making
decisions.  GnuPG is not an exception.  One decision is
which version of GnuPG to use."  And then bla bla bla
about what the different versions are like, and so on.

This could set up a cognition structure ("What is the
decision being worked on?") within which various
information, not only version information, could be
presented efficiently; and doing so might take some of the 
confusion out of applied PKI, leaving only the complexity.
For people who want a turnkey encryption package (which is
something to which I have no opposition), this kind of
theme (mantra??) could be a clue they'll maybe have to
ask for help from people who provide such, or else be
prepared to do some thinking on their own.

As I said, FWIW, & HTH.

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