How true can this be?

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>>> if a), then b) would land him in jail, quickly
>> More likely a fatal traffic accident or victim of a street mugging with
>> similar outcome.  People communicate in and from Jails.
> Blabbering about classified stuff is a breach of security procedures and
> NDA-s, that leads to administrative action, prosecution and usually jail
> sentence (or a hefty fine).

Long ago I had a secret security clearance. The secrets were laughable, but
I have never disclosed them. Mine had nothing to do with encryption.

When getting the clearance, I had to read some of the laws that pertained.
In addition to jail and fines, another punishment option was death. But I
imagine it would be done officially.
> The approach you mention would be probably used on someone who would like to
> play the game (as in sell the info to another country), not for some random
> blabberer.
> Alex

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