GPGee development restarted - need bugs

Kurt Fitzner kfitzner at
Sun Feb 10 00:45:22 CET 2008

After almost two years of neglect, I've got time enough to start working 
on GPGee again.  I was informed some time ago that work is underway to 
replace it.  I don't see a replacement yet, so I'm going to put out a 
release that fixes some bugs and incorporates a French translation I was 
given.  This can act as a stop-gap until the replacement is completed. 
If the replacement is going to be some time yet, I'll also entertain 
requests for new features.

Bugs I've fixed so far include:
- Disappearing keys (requires GnuPG >= 1.4 to fix)
- Verifications of signatures made with expired subkeys not showing the 
correct expiry date of the subkey and giving incorrect warnings of 
signatures being made after the key expired
- Password requests not showing correct data (type & size) for the 
subkey identified
- SHA224 signatures not being correctly identified

If you are still using GPGee (or want to) and have experienced bugs not 
mentioned above, please respond here, on a thread I've made in the GPGee 
(, or 
by personal e-mail to me.

I apologize for any previous e-mails that haven't been replied to.


     Kurt Fitzner

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