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Sun Jul 6 04:50:44 CEST 2008

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Robert J. Hansen escribió:
> Andre Amorim wrote:
>> But It was discussed here before.
>> If you have no control on your hardware, you cannot have your keys safer.
> I would actually recommend against "anti-keylogger" tools like that.
> Psychologists tell us that human beings tend not to be risk-averse so
> much as risk-adjusting.  For instance, one result of air bags becoming
> common automotive equipment is people began to drive faster.

  That is bad... but I know somebody who crashed her car at less than 40
km/h (less than 25 mph) and bruised he face against the wheel... maybe
an airbag would have avoided that... (I don't know what amount of
deaceleration is required to activate the airbag) so, I welcome airbags
and anti-keyloggers... and try to don't depend on them...

> If you decide "well, if I _have_ to use an untrusted machine, then at
> least I'll be using an on-screen keyboard", that's all well and good.

  That is the idea ;)

> But it's a very, very small cognitive leap from that to "I can use this
> untrusted machine, after all, I'll be using an on-screen keyboard,"
> which is really stupid.

  We could say the same about the use of condoms to prevent ADIS...
people should keep always in mind the fact that we can lower the risks,
but not suppress them... well, I will try the anti-keylogger, for
myself, but I don't intend to promote it's use among people I don't know
and won't hear about the risks about untrusted machines.

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