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> Hello Faramir and Robert,
> thank you for the responses.
> I want everyone to be able to acces the data as long as the data is
> valid. When the data becomes invalid i want it to be inaccesible for
> everyone.
> I want to control and force when the data should be invalid, i was
> thinking of using the expiration of a gpg key.
> Any suggestions are appreciated.
> N00bical

What I've seen once was a self-extracting archive built with bash. It
was basically a bash-script with some binary data attached to it.

It was created with something like:
cat archive.tar >

The script did something like
tail -n 30 | tar x

That way you could all sorts of things like contacting a server,
checking the date and so forth. Of course, things get a bit ugly as
soon as it has to run on Windows. In that case I'd use Java and put the
data and the script into a jar.

Of course, that way you can't lock the file completely (at least, not
so easy) but you can warn the user that it's outdated.
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