[admin] Out of disk space problem solved

Ludwig Hügelschäfer mlisten at hammernoch.net
Tue Sep 23 14:16:42 CEST 2008

Robert J. Hansen wrote on 23.09.2008 11:50 Uhr:
> Werner Koch wrote:
>> No, it was not Robert who flooded us with mails.
> Over the last day, I have received a large number of emails related to
> this.  Some of them were nice.  Some of them were not.

It strikes me that people dealing with such an advanced thing as
cryptographic software aren't able to read email headers. After reading
and comparing the headers of the first two of the received "identical"
messages it was quite clear that the list server had a problem and all
dupes originated from one (!) mail from you.

> (...)
> Also, a thank-you for Werner is appropriate.  This list has been going
> strong for many years now with very few problems.  There is nothing
> quite like a glitch to show you how much you appreciate years of
> reliable service.
> So -- thank you, Werner.  :)

I'd like to join: Thank you!


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