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John Clizbe escribió:

>> didn't make any sense... according to my dictionary, a "cap" is
>> something closely related to a hat, 
> A 'cap' may also (and more likely) refer to a limit usually an upper bound

  I had the intuitive idea about that could be the its meaning...
however, I missed the fact "cap" is also the short way to say
"capabilities". I am not against the use of abbreviated  words, but I
will need clarification from time to time, as I said, it was a problem
of lack of vocabulary ;-)

  Well, I wrote what I intend to use as default preferences, but before
modifying anything I wanted to ask opinions...

For encryption: AES256 AES192 TWOFISH AES CAST5 3DES (didn't include
Blowfish because I was told it is not supported by PGP, and also its
author says people should move to Twofish). I am not sure if Twofish
uses 256 bits keys, or shorter (according to wikipedia, it can use
different lengths of keys).

For hashing: SHA256 SHA512 SHA1 RIPEMD160 (I prefer to don't use SHA1
since it is not as safe as it was supposed to be, and since my key
doesn't expire, the idea is not having to alter it in shot or medium
time. SHA512 seems a bit oversized... but I suppose the sender will
decide what to use. I am not sure if to add the other SHA hashing algo's
since something with a length that is not 2^n looks a bit unusual to me...).

And for compression: ZLIB BZIP2 ZIP Uncompressed

What is better, to use S1 S2 S2 codes, or the names? I figure using the
codes would save a bit of space, and since I don't have to keep those
codes in my memory, it is not a problem for me to enter them that way.

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