openPGP card, cant change admin pin

Malte Gell malte.gell at
Sun Feb 8 00:12:16 CET 2009

Am Samstag, 7. Februar 2009 21:50:20 schrieb Malte Gell:
> Hi there,
> i wanted to change the pins of my new card and invoked gpg --change-pin I
> was able to select point one, was asked for the old pin and entered the new
> one and affirmed. Then I chose point three "change Admin PIN", but gpg said
> "no permission"!? How can I now change the admin pin and why did gpg not
> allow to change it?

gpg --card-edit
then asked for the PIN, default pin "123456" entered
asked for the new pin, new pin entered twice
and then this

"Error changing the PIN: Conditions of use not satisfied"

When I try to change the admin pin something similar, "permission denied". 
What is wrong, why can't I change the pins?

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