Does the SCM SCR3320 work with GnuPG?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Sep 17 00:00:00 CEST 2009

Florian Schüttler wrote:
> If it is a v2 card as you mentioned earlier you should try using GnuPG 1.4.10. 
> I had pretty much the same issues with a PC/SC reader (ReinerSCT cyberjack 
> ecom plus) on Debian Lenny (1.4.9-3+lenny1) until I tried 1.4.10 with which 
> there were no problems, except that I did not get the keypad to work yet.

Hey, that's odd. I'm 100% sure I mentioned it was a v1 card. Must have
deleted that when I rewrote a part for clarity (the irony :).

It is a cut-up v1 card to fit in the ID-000 (SIM card) size. My v2 card is
on back order.

Since I'm replying anyway, let me mention two more things:

1) It is not always necessary to remove and re-insert the reader and card
after an error. Not sure when it is and isn't.

2) The data sent in error by the card when a "VERIFY" command is given for
the failing operations is the ATR response for the OpenPGP card. It's been
quite a while since I had a look at ISO 7816 based things, but I did notice


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