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> Well, I have some numbers to show the frequency of
> NETMK (Not Encrypted To My Key) messages.  I was on the
> PGPNET mailing list for just over three months, and
> these are my findings (note that all of these numbers
> are from the day that I joined to the day that roll
> call ended and my key was removed).

Around 28th February to the end of June. (-;

> 681 Messages sent by members of the list
> 628 Encrypted messages

I'm surprised the difference is so large - it doesn't "feel like" that
large a proportion is unencrypted. But that number not encrypted looks
correct if it includes about ten notification messages from Yahoo
about new file uploads, etc.

> 36 NETMK messages

I have difficulty counting those because my email program is poor at
searching inside encrypted messages. It finds six plaintext, and this
only rises to 13 if I tell it to also look inside encrypted messages;
I know this is a very long way short.

> 13 Members were responsible for not encrypting to someone's key
> 12 Members sent NETMK messages
> And for what it's worth:
> 22 Messages weren't encrypted to my key

How many of these 22 were within the first week or so?
I find very few messages not encrypted to mine.

> So for me that makes approximately 1 in 29 encrypted
> messages was not encrypted to my key,

That's quite high; I would hope for a significantly better figure if
you calculated it from about a week after you posted your key.

> 1 in 19 of all messages was a NETMK message,

That feels about right (-;

> and 1 in 12 of all messages was either not encrypted to my key or a
> NETMK complaint.


> Hope this is enlightening. :-)

It is. I'm quite surprised at the proportion of unencrypted messages,
and at the proportion of members not encrypting to somebody's key. I
would hope that latter figure dropped significantly if non-encryption
to keys posted within the last week were disregarded.

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