GPG decryption issues on WINDOWS 2003 SERVER

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Robert J. Hansen <rjh at> articulated:

> On 8/12/2010 7:53 AM, Jerry wrote:
> > I saw something similar to this on another list. I forgot where. In
> > any case, Windows Server 2003 is seriously deprecated.
> Microsoft is not planning on any further service packs, but the OS is
> still supported until 2015.  Mainstream support has ended, but
> extended support is still available.
> Even if 2003 had been totally EOLed, this advice would still not be
> particularly useful.  Migrating a server to a new OS is not something
> to be undertaken lightly.  Given a choice between simply writing off
> an application as "doesn't work on our system" and migrating to a new
> OS, many places will choose to write off the application.

As you stated, Microsoft is not planning any further service packs and
work on the 2003 branch has effectively ended. The 2008 branch is an
improved server and continued use of the deprecated version will only
result in further problems down the line.  Furthermore, while I would
never take lightly the updating of any major system component, be it
hardware or software based, there does come a time when you just bit
the bullet and complete the task. Actually, Microsoft has made updating
between versions of its server easier than you might have thought. You
could start here to get some very general information:

or, if you have paid support, contact them for complete details.

Good luck!

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