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BernePGP wrote:
> Hi ,
> Im really new to this and I have about 80% understood, I am at the stage
> where I have sent my key in a word file to my recipient that is sorted.  I
> then tell the reciepient to download and load the gnupgp programe and to
> read the setup for novice readme file.
> After the recipient has loaded the programe he generates a personal key
> but does he do as I have done and copy out his public key in a wordfile
> and send it to me?
> In other words when the recipient got my email with my public key
> encrypted in a wordfile , what does he then do?  Does he copy and paste my
> public key somewhere in his gnupgp programe?
> Next:
> In what form should I expect to recieve the senders public key?  Will it
> arrive already encrypted in a word file and if so what do I do with that
> enc public key in regard to my gnuPGP programe?
> Again a newbie , a few words to clear the matter please.  I did read the
> novice helpfile but you can see the whole process is not fully understood.
> BernePGP

To be upfront, Im no further on, I just cant follow the great advice shown
here.  The only thing I can do is to provide a screenshot and then follow
exactly an A), B), C) format no further advice until a return screenshot has
proven that Ive understood and executed that step?  So here is the first
screenshot of my GnuPGP UI ( if I should use an easier UI please advise
where I can get it but this one seems ok )?   Oh, re the word file it was a
misprint, wordpad was used, But now I cant seem to reproduce my own public
key in wordpad?


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