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Paul Richard Ramer free10pro at
Tue Aug 24 11:30:47 CEST 2010

On Sat, 21 Aug 2010 04:21:07 -0700 (PDT), BernePGP wrote:
>> Im really new to this and I have about 80% understood, I am at the stage
>> where I have sent my key in a word file to my recipient that is sorted.  I
>> then tell the reciepient to download and load the gnupgp programe and to
>> read the setup for novice readme file.
>> After the recipient has loaded the programe he generates a personal key
>> but does he do as I have done and copy out his public key in a wordfile
>> and send it to me?

He can do one of two things.  He can export his public key into a file
and, by some means, deliver the file to you, or he send his public key
to a keyserver so the you can fetch it from the keyserver.

>> In other words when the recipient got my email with my public key
>> encrypted in a wordfile , what does he then do?  Does he copy and paste my
>> public key somewhere in his gnupgp programe?

He imports it into his program.  If he is using the program that you are
using, then he clicks the "Import" button and selects the file.

Also, note that public keys are not encrypted when exported.  That is
only done for private keys, because there is no danger in revealing a
public key but the inverse for a private key.

>> In what form should I expect to recieve the senders public key?  Will it
>> arrive already encrypted in a word file and if so what do I do with that
>> enc public key in regard to my gnuPGP programe?

Concerning the first question here, it depends on the way he chooses to
deliver his key to you (please see my top paragraph).  And concerning
the second, you import it into your program.  In the program that you
are using, click the "Import" button and select the public key file.

>> Again a newbie , a few words to clear the matter please.  I did read the
>> novice helpfile but you can see the whole process is not fully understood.

No problem.  No one was ever born an expert.  ;-)

> To be upfront, Im no further on, I just cant follow the great advice shown
> here.  The only thing I can do is to provide a screenshot and then follow
> exactly an A), B), C) format no further advice until a return screenshot has
> proven that Ive understood and executed that step?  So here is the first
> screenshot of my GnuPGP UI ( if I should use an easier UI please advise
> where I can get it but this one seems ok )?   Oh, re the word file it was a
> misprint, wordpad was used, But now I cant seem to reproduce my own public
> key in wordpad?

All right.  Let's start by exporting your public key.  And since your
GUI is GNU Privacy Assistant, I will refer to it as GPA.

A) Select your key in GPA.
B) Click the "Export" button.
C) Enter the filename that you want.

You're done.  Now give that file to your recipient by whatever means you
will.  Now wait for him to give you his public key.  If he gives you a
file with his public key in it, follow the steps below.

A) In GPA, click the "Import" button.
B) Select the file that your recipient gave you.

Done.  Now have your recipient perform each of these series of steps as
you have, and both of you will be able communicate securely.

Also, please follow the advice given to you by Simon Richter and Faramir
about ensuring that you and your recipient have the correct keys.


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