Web of Trust itself is the problem

Mario Castelán Castro mariocastelancastro at gmail.com
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January 10th 2010 in gnupg-users at gnupg.org thread "Web of Trust itself
is the problem"

>Crypto is not like this.  Sure, you don't need to understand Feistel
>networks or large number theory in order to use crypto, but look at
>what you *do* need to understand: [...]

Is good if you know that, you will use the crypto better but is not
nessesary IMO.  Can you explain why that things are *nessesary* in
order to use crypto?, we have "user friendly" crypto programs like
seahorse, I can't figure out someone is unable to use it with the
available "user friendly" software like seahorse.

>Try telling this to a noob who is:
>a) convinced that only a nefarious low life has a use for encryption
>b) afraid of and distrusts computers
>c) convinced he/she is right and logic won't sway him/her..

What is your point Robert?.  The same apply to planes, some people
don't trust planes, some don't trust computers or cryptography or ,
but that don't mean the public in general is unable to fly in planes
or to use cryptography ;).

>The only crypto they use is the crypto that is invisible to them
>(usually https, which is pretty invisible).

HTTPS is not invisible, is transparent with most browers.  Invisible
is as example, the logs that your ISP, mine or google (likley) have of
all our mail, because you don't see it, you even don't know if they
really have such logs.

Transparent is one thing that you can see if you want in the same
manner you can ignore it, like the thoustands of instructions in
machine code to run a software or the encryption in HTTPS.  You can do
"hexdump /usr/local/gpg", or click a button in FF that tellsyou the
encryption information.
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