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Am Montag 29 März 2010 10:04:13 schrieb Fabrice RAFART:

> Can I prevent gpg to encrypt open file ?
> I explain my situation : I have file dropped to filesystem by Windows
> program with samba share. I take (with a script launch by cron) the file
>  and encrypt it. It may append that gpg take the file during the Windows
>  programm copy it.
> For the now, I looking to use fuser to check this before encrypt the file
> but it may be a better way to prevent this.

I don't think that there is any solution within gpg, simply because gpg cannot 
(easily) prevent other processes from modifying the file while it reads it.

I see two solutions, a usable one and the perfect one:

a) Use mandatory locks. That's what I wanted to suggest first. But a short 
look at the documentation make me think that this may easily become terrible. 
So better look at

b) Create a snapshot volume This requires the file's filesystem to reside on a 
block device that is handled by the device mapper. Locking a whole volume in 
order to emulate a reliable file lock looks a bit like overkill but without 
better solutions... This requires superuser privilege, of course (in contrast 
to (a)).

c) One more comes to my mind: Given that the file resides on a suitables file 
system (like ext{2,3,4} and probably more) you could make the file immutable 
(chattr), execute the next step and remove the i bit then. Again: Superuser 

The snapshot's advantage is that is causes the shortest block (if the file has 
a relevant size) and that applications do not notice this action. If an 
application is not prepared for being denied access due to mandatory locking 
or the immutable bit, additional problems may arise.


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