Encrypted Directory

Michael D. Berger m_d_berger_1900 at yahoo.com
Thu May 27 16:03:50 CEST 2010

On Wed, 26 May 2010 12:42:00 -0400, Grant Olson wrote:


> If you're talking about a static directory, just zip it up and encrypt
> normally.


I tried to zip a 90G directory tree, but it failed on a bad file
name -- something in a bookmarks directory, I think, but it
doesn't make any difference what it is.  Zip will not do.

Since I have a Samba connection from a Linux box to the WinXP
box, I tried
   tar -cvzf
on the 90G directory on the WinXP box.  It seemed to work ok.
After about half-an-hour, it had done about 6G.  That's ok,
but then I remembered I had reliability issues moving large
files via Samba, so I stopped it and abandoned that idea.


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