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Tue Nov 16 10:17:34 CET 2010

Hi Ben,

you wrote on So, 14.Nov.2010 (23:33:24):
> On 15/11/10 7:01 AM, Reinhard Irmer wrote:

>> I'm not so familiar with TB because my favourite client is
>> 40tude-dialog, where everything works fine. I only tested the probs
>> with TB to see,if there are differences in showing the characters. I
>> had set the options in TB for incoming/outgoing msgs. to iso-8859-1;
>> now I changed to utf-8 and now I will see, if problems getting solved
>> with this. When I have results I'll tell you.

> Cool, I just double-checked in a couple of other messages, one in this
> thread and one in another list, and TB has no problem displaying
> umlauts in both the body and in the headers (From field).  The characters checked were ö and ü.
> With UTF-8 it also has no problem with most other characters
> incorporated in the unicode character set (this can sometimes be
> affected by additions to unicode after the release of the operating system or software used).

Now I checked it out: setting all TB-prefs to utf-8 and post new mail/news with TB, all characters are good.
Replying to that msgs with TB, all characters (in header- and bodypane) are good.
Posting news with a different client or replying with this different client on TB-sent news AND prefs in diff. client are set to iso-8859-1 or -15, TB shows all characters well. If different client is set to utf-8, TB shows the chars BAD in headerpane and good in bodypane. If I change view to iso-8859-1/15 chars in headerpane getting well but in bodypane bad.

> Somewhere around here I've got an auto-response to a mailing list in
> Chinese with the Chinese characters in both the headers and the body.
> In that case I was able to copy those characters into Google's
> translation page (which is how I know it was an auto-response) and
> paste my own translated response to it.  All of this displayed fine in
> Thunderbird, even though I didn't use the unicode codes when I entered my response.

Translation chinese/... via Google...... good idea :-)

Btw: this mail is header-signed. Did you get GOOD SIG on verifying?

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