AW: problem with german umlauts

Reinhard Irmer reinhard.irmer at
Thu Nov 18 16:17:12 CET 2010

Hi Ben,

you wrote on Do, 18.Nov.2010 (03:21:16):
> On 16/11/10 8:17 PM, Reinhard Irmer wrote:

>> If different client is set to utf-8, TB shows the chars BAD in 
>> headerpane and good in bodypane. If I change view to iso-8859-1/15 
>> chars in headerpane getting well but in bodypane bad.
> That's odd, I'm not sure what's going on there.  Was this just 
> newsgroup
> (NNTP) posts or news and email?

I tested it only on nntp. 


>> Btw: this mail is header-signed. Did you get GOOD SIG on verifying?
> I can see the signature in the header, but Enigmail did not detect it 
> at all.  I think it will only check the body for in-line signed or 
> encrypted blocks and PGP/MIME.
> I don't really see the value in using OpenPGP for header signatures, 
> that should be the purview of things like MTAs, mainly for DKIM or 
> Domain Keys to verify an authorised sender for a domain.

I know from a developer for enigmail, that headersigning/verifying is not implemented yet, but he told me, that it could be a feature in future if  a RFC is available for that. The maintainer of the headersigning/verifying script I use is in contact with him. If you are further interested, look 
 <>  and especially <> 

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