Problem with Gemalto USB Shell Token V2

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Tue Oct 12 22:03:42 CEST 2010

Does anyone have the Gemalto USB working with Red Hat 5.5?


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Hi Tiago

I just purchased OpenPGP cards and Gemalto USB Shell Token V2 readers (see <>).  They work perfectly for me.

I'll explain what I use to access them. Maybe you can adapt it to your own use.

1) Start the pcscd service on your distro. This is a daemon that is distributed in the PCSC-Lite package.  On Fedora, as root you can run:

service pcscd start && chkconfig pcscd on

2) Add the "disable-ccid" option to gpg.conf. This will make GnuPG use PCSC-Lite to access the card, instead of the built-in CCID driver.

This in itself should be enough to get the card working properly. You can do gpg --card-status to see the card, gpg --card-edit to edit the card.

I have all this working on my stock Fedora 13 install with the following versions of packages:


To configure other things such as SSH authentication keys, etc., you will have to configure gpg-agent to start during desktop session startup, make environment variables available to the shell (man gpg-agent), and also perhaps disable some things if you are using GNOME.

Good luck.


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