Confirmation for cached passphrases useful?

Dan Cowsill danthehat at
Thu Oct 14 18:42:34 CEST 2010

On 13/10/2010 4:02 PM, MFPA wrote:
> The user can type their password once per session into a text file and
> paste it every time it is requested. This reduces the annoyance factor
> and does not train the user to constantly re-type the passphrase.
I use a program called KeePass to keep track of my passwords.  It has a
linux port called KeePassX, as well.  It stores the password in an
encrypted database and when the user requests it, copies it to the
clipboard.  After 20 seconds, the clipboard is cleared.  KeePass can
also be configured to lock the workspace after a certain period of time

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