Confirmation for cached passphrases useful?

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Am Dienstag 12 Oktober 2010 04:44:41 schrieb Daniel Kahn Gillmor:

> (e.g. one process can send a simulated mouseclick to another process
> pretty easily)

I am not familiar with X details (let alone that other one OS). Does grabbing 
the mouse prevent other processes from knowing where the click occurs? You 
could use a dialog differen from just an OK button. You could display a ten 
times ten array and the user hat to click a certain number. This is similar 
fast to clicking the OK button and easy to remember (always the same number) 
but makes abuse improbable (of course, that is not the level of probability we 
usually have when attacking gpg...).

If other processes cannot read the content of the dialog window then other 
means are possible: Use a blank area with a randomly positioned mark to click 

And react to failures.

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