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Tue Oct 12 12:46:39 CEST 2010

Hello all.


This is my last resort. I know that this is not the realy the correct place to pose such a question.


I have now succesfully set up a fully automated GPG solution, with the help of all of you on this list.


However my next task is to intergrate the scripts with GPG with WINSCP.


basically i want to do this.


Auto encrypted files end up in a folder called C:\encryptedfiles


then the WINSCP script will run and look at the files in the above folder, collect the file names into a temporary text file, and SFTP them over to a remote server.

My question is does anybody on this list have any knowledge of WINSCP scripting?

Ive had a look at the help pages on the website and cannot for the life of me figure them out! PS

I'm willing to pay!
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