Encrypting a file

Thomas Chitwood tchitwoo at us.ibm.com
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Thanks John,

I'll give it a shot.

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10/19/2010 01:41 PM
Re: Encrypting a file

Thomas Chitwood wrote:
> Thanks for the info Doug. I don't think I have ever encrypted a file
> with more than one key. Would the command be something like the example
> below?
> gpg --output test.txt.gpg --encrypt --recipient 359B3EB2 DAE72D59
> test.txt (where 359B3EB2 is their key and DAE72D59 is our key)

-e == --encrypt
-r == --recipient

gpg --output test.txt.gpg -e -r 0x359B3EB2 -r 0xDAE72D59 test.txt

Alternatively, you can set default-recipient in gpg.conf to your key

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