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Werner Koch wk at
Wed Oct 27 10:26:27 CEST 2010

On Tue, 26 Oct 2010 22:30, DKaraluz at said:

> We are running GPG 1.2.0 in production. We use it to decrypt all the

That one is an 8 years old version and this 1.2 series entered end of
life status 5 years ago.

> 1 - What do I need to do with gpg 1.4.11 so that it will decrypt pgp
> files in batch mode. With hundreds of files coming in daily it is just

>From the command lines you posted 1.2. was not able to do this either.
It might be that we chnaged something related to batch processing but
that was a bug fix then. 

> so I don't know what was done with 1.2.0 to make it work fine with the
> --batch option.

Either no passpharse was set for the key or the option --passphrase-fd
was used.  What you can do is to remove the passphrase from the key or
use one of the options: --passphrase-fd, --passphrase-file or

> 2 - What fix was applied to 1.4.11 that solved the issue I am having in
> 1.2.0, and is there an option I could pass to GNUPG 1.2.0 that would
> correct or work around the issue? 

Too many changes over the years too quickly answer this.  Likey
candidates are: 


	* parse-packet.c (skip_packet, parse_gpg_control): Take care of
	premature EOFs.  Backport from trunk.


	* parse-packet.c (parse): Remove special treatment for compressed
	new style packets.  Fixes bug#931.



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