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On Monday 19 of December 2011 10:36:33 Jerome Baum wrote:
> On 2011-12-19 10:31, Jerome Baum wrote:
> > My understanding is that name + DoB + place of birth together are
> > unique. Sometimes. In theory.
> Oh but that doesn't mean we should all add our DoB to our UIDs now.
> Remember that your DoB is actually secret and only your credit card
> company is meant to know it. You know, to verify the person speaking on
> the phone is really you...

At least we're getting there. Don't know about the EU Data Protection 
directive, but the Polish one says specifically, that login reuse is 

> (Hmm, they also asked for my account number, which I suppose is also
> secret and not at all printed on all my invoices. Only a few key people,
> like everyone ever involved with a wire between them and me, know the
> account number. I suppose this is getting old...)

Yeah, the kind of "protections" banks use is funny. But then, what can they do 
when people forget their passwords 5 minutes after they set them or use the 
same password on facebook and their bank...

If only the "horse battery staple correct" method was taught as *the* method 
for creating and remembering passwords...
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