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Tue Dec 20 17:34:24 CET 2011

On 20-12-2011 16:49, Hubert Kario wrote:

> Yeah, the kind of "protections" banks use is funny. But then, what can they do 
> when people forget their passwords 5 minutes after they set them or use the 
> same password on facebook and their bank...

They could use the same system that all banks (minus one, ING, that as a
result is the most attacked one here) in The Netherlands use: 2-factor
authorization. When I want to login I have to put my debet card into a
reader that can access the chip on it. It asks me for a pin code, then I
have to enter a code given by the bank on the login screen, press OK and
enter the response into the browser. The code I get from the bank is
randomly generated by them, and the response depends on the debet card
inserted in the device. Some banks work with code generators that don't
require the use of your debet card. But a simple login/password combo,
no bank would use that here.

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