Organizing GPA public key list into favourites groups????

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On Friday 14 January 2011 at 10:01:24 PM, in
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> OK, so I downloaded and installed GPGshell 3.77 to test
> it. Result:

> - This application tries to install stuff into
> Winows/system32!!!!! - When using GPGtools to encrypt,
> it opens an explorer window on c:\windows\system32!

Here I get a command window with the title c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

> These two items alone would be cause not to use
> GPGshell. All programs should keep off of the windows
> system folders!

Unfortunately plenty do not.

> - Even though a few tools were set to install to
> quick-launch they are not... - No Explorer integration
> at all... 

I understand this app's shell integration doesn't yet work in 64-bit
Windows systems.

> - Not possible to use "lists", the menu says
> <no list available> - 

The menu says "<no list available>" until you have created at least 
one list. 

> No menu command to create a list...  

It's at Key(s) | Add to list...| New List
(Also in the context menu when you select one or more keys.)

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