Organizing GPA public key list into favourites groups????

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Sat Jan 15 03:22:00 CET 2011

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El 14-01-2011 19:01, Bo Berglund escribió:

> OK, so I downloaded and installed GPGshell 3.77 to test it. Result:
> - This application tries to install stuff into Winows/system32!!!!!
> - When using GPGtools to encrypt, it opens an explorer window on
> c:\windows\system32!

  Ok, from that tool, you can browse and select the file to encrypt. In
my computer, it shows the last used folder.

> These two items alone would be cause not to use GPGshell. All programs
> should keep off of the windows system folders!
  I was not aware about it adding something to system32 folder.  But it
has never opened a window in a subfolder of windows folder.

> - Even though a few tools were set to install to quick-launch they are
> not...

  I didn't know quicklaunch icons don't install in Windows 7 x64. That's
a bad new, but not too bad, since you can load GPGtray, and it can
launch all the other apps of GPGShell.

> - No Explorer integration at all...

  Explorer integration doesn't work in windows 7 x64, I'm not sure if it
works in windows 7 x32 (if it exists).

> - Not possible to use "lists", the menu says <no list available>

  Open GPGkeys, right click the key you want to add to a list, in the
menu there is a Add to List command, which gives you the option to
create a new list, or to select an existing list (which of course you
don't have, since it is the first time you use it). Right click the next
key you want to add, and use the Add to list command, it will show you
the lists available. If you add a key to the wrong list, you'll have to
edit the txt file with the name of the list (it can be found under
%appdata%/GPGShell/_lists folder).

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