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Jerome Baum jerome at
Thu Jun 16 03:19:27 CEST 2011

>> There are two main reasons why I'm referring you to a lawyer:
>> (a) to the extent I know some lawyers' strategies, I am generally
>>    not at liberty to talk about them, and
>> (b) to the extent I am at liberty to talk about the rest, I am
>>    not confident of my ability to present their methods correctly,
>>    due to the fact I haven't spent ten years learning all the
>>    intricacies of contract law
>> Neither (a) nor (b) interferes with my confidence in the statement,
>> "contract lawyers are well-prepared for repudiating electronic documents."
> Does (b) not interfere? You either understand whether a strategy is
> valid or not, or you don't. At the very least, if you have any
> confidence in a strategy (that you are at liberty to talk about),
> you'd be able to give an overview, right? Otherwise, if you are not
> confident in your ability to present the strategy correctly, how can
> you be confident in your ability to understand and *evaluate* the
> strategy as to its correctness and success likelihood?

In fact, how about an analogy?

I have an algebra (in the high school sense) exam tomorrow. I have
prepared myself by developing the strategy: "answer every question
with '2 + 2 = 5'". I am prepared. However, I am badly prepared. If you
don't understand algebra, you can't know that. You can't know whether
I'm "well-prepared" or badly prepared, only that I am prepared in some

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