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Jerome Baum jerome at jeromebaum.com
Tue Jun 28 15:43:46 CEST 2011

> timestamp-interval at gnupg.org I assume.  I tried to find the first
> reference of it, but several pages of mails indented so that they even
> don't show up on my screen without scrolling to the right inhinited
> that.  In particular I don't known what you mean by P1D.

Well the notation, as you say, wouldn't need to be coded into gpg --
it already supports notations. This is more about choosing an
arbitrary timestamp.

> So what about a simple option to create all created timestamps with a
> time of either 00:00:00 or the creation time of the key?  I don't think
> that there is a point in having a flag indicating such a faked timestamp.

Why limit the choices to 0 and key creation time? How about just an
option "--set-timestamp=<int>" that sets the timestamp? Is that easy
to do?

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