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On 03/11/2011 01:50 PM, Jonathan Ely wrote:
> Hello. I use Enigmail, so of course I have GnuPG installed. I use 1.4.9
> because [1] I can not find an executable for 2.0.17 for Windows, and [2]
> I do not know how to configure the GPG-agent. Can somebody please assist
> me with upgrading to 2.0.17 and configuring the agent? For about a week
> I have been searching everywhere but found nothing. I did install
> GPG4WIN then uninstalled it because I could not figure out how to use
> the agent and the GPA utility is not screen reader accessible. Thanks in
> advance for your help.
> PS. I am blind and use a screen reader. Everything must be 100% keyboard
> accessible.

I don't know about an "official" GnuPG agent for Windows, but Enigmail
ships with a passphrase caching setting. You can access it via the
keyboard with the following shortcuts:

ALT+n 		(currently, the "Events and Tasks" menu is selected)
right arrow 	(now the "OpenPGP" menu is selected)
p		(this brings up the "OpenPGP Preferences window)

You should now be in the "Passphrase settings" part of the "Basic" tab
of the "OpenPGP Preferences". Your cursor is focused on a number for
remembering your passphrase for a certain length of time. The default is
5 minutes of idle time. You can change this to anything you want, up to
9999 minutes.

1 more TAB key press will allow you to select a checkbox for "Never ask
for any passphrase". 3 more TAB key presses past that point will get you
to the "OK" button, to apply the settings.

Hope that helps.

On a side note, you may wish to re-evaluate your email signature.
Confidentiality notices are usually annoying to most recipients,
especially on mailing lists, where the email is publicly accessible on
the Internet for all to see.

If sensitive information must be sent over email, it should be
encrypted, with a note in the encrypted mail notifying the user of the
its sensitivity. Otherwise, they come across as elitist and
overprotective in nature, and there likely aren't many laws or legal
recourse you can take, should someone redistribute an email you sent, or
post it in a public forum.


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