what is killing PKI?

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Sir Hansen:
Well, pseudonyms do not make my words less valid. I am not one of the
gpg-using  advocates, who has to be open, and forthcoming with all to
make a point. A pseudonym is well within my rights. You simply don´t
need to know. That assymetric advantage is your own fault. It was yor
choice to use a name. Don´t discredit me for being more.. distrusting.. 
I didn´t know that gmail is disposable.. hmm.. Once again, we all are
subjected to what Mr.Hansen feels. If you read NDA´s carefully, not all
agencies (not units) are the same when it comes to disclosure. Speaking
in generalities is quite legal depending on context, country, purpose,
and ofc what agency one is affiliated with. (It is not neccesarily the
same in your country as it is elsewhere. ) Nice strawman , and a perfect
example of implicit assumptions however. Moving on, back to crypto..
However yes, I do agree with you that skepticism is warranted.
Especially when academics are supposed to know more of field-crypto than
the practitioners who are actually at risk. Ofc said practitioners are
generally in locales, and roles in which the only peer-review is what
they receive from their captors if they get caught. Whether in a
military or paramilitary capacity...
I thank you for your viewpoints all the same Sir Hansen. The
contemporary civilian perspectives on crypto  are quite illuminating all
the same.

The real question is why secrecy and the employment of pseudonym is
frowned upon both in society, and ... here?

Thank you and Good Day sir.

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