what is killing PKI?

Hubert Kario hka at qbs.com.pl
Tue Aug 28 14:31:28 CEST 2012

On Tuesday 28 of August 2012 01:44:54 No such Client wrote:
> Sir Hansen:
> Well, pseudonyms do not make my words less valid. I am not one of the
> gpg-using  advocates, who has to be open, and forthcoming with all to
> make a point. A pseudonym is well within my rights. You simply don´t
> need to know. That assymetric advantage is your own fault. It was yor
> choice to use a name. Don´t discredit me for being more.. distrusting..
> I didn´t know that gmail is disposable.. hmm.. Once again, we all are
> subjected to what Mr.Hansen feels. If you read NDA´s carefully, not all
> agencies (not units) are the same when it comes to disclosure. Speaking
> in generalities is quite legal depending on context, country, purpose,
> and ofc what agency one is affiliated with. (It is not neccesarily the
> same in your country as it is elsewhere. ) Nice strawman , and a perfect
> example of implicit assumptions however.

The fact that you've just showed up on The list makes this e-mail and 
pseudonym disposable, not the fact you're using a pseudonym or gmail.

Besides, gmail is very much disposable. It's not like you have to provide your 
name, surname and ID document scan to get a gmail account...

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