what is killing PKI?

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Tue Aug 28 15:44:53 CEST 2012

On 08/28/2012 02:31 PM, Hubert Kario wrote:
> The fact that you've just showed up on The list makes this e-mail and 
> pseudonym disposable, not the fact you're using a pseudonym or gmail.
> Besides, gmail is very much disposable. It's not like you have to provide your 
> name, surname and ID document scan to get a gmail account...
> Regards,

-> We all ¨just show up¨ once upon a time or another no? I am new here,
that´s all. Nice to meet you too Mr. Kario. Even if those requirements
are not in place for you via gmail (it depends on which country you are
in, I know that my registration process was a bit.. more invasive), just
because I use a pseudonym as my real name, does not mean that google
does not have personal information on me. They are said to be pretty
good at that sort of thing.
I simply chose to keep my name private.  Surely, on a public, crypto 
mailing-list, with all sorts of interesting people, the idea of privacy
would be understood no? real names or pseudonyms should be quite
irrelevant.. Is it not the content that counts?

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