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Thu Feb 2 01:03:22 CET 2012

 > Here here! Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in
 > what you send.

Folks, at the risk of starting a new thread or steering
this thread into an eddy, Postel's Law is now officially
a problem.  I strongly (and I mean it) urge ya'll to take
a look at the one or two principal papers at

I believe they are game changing.  As I said earlier on,
I read my mail in a text-only legacy reader because it
cannot interpret.  Ditto not allowing Javascript, etc.
Why?  Because I refuse to honor a remote procedure call
from parties I know not written in a Turing-Complete
language which characteristic, if I need to say it,
means that security, a variant of the halting problem,
is formally undecideable.


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