Need a GUI for e ncrypt/decrypt in Ubuntu 11.10

Sam Smith smickson at
Mon Jun 11 15:40:42 CEST 2012


The GUI I like the best for GnuPG is GNU Privacy Assistant. It is "gpa" in synaptic. [sudo apt-get install gpa].

I don't know if GPA does encrypt/decrypt though (I use command line for most everything). 

Another option is the plugins for Seahorse ("seahorse-plugins"). You can add [sudo apt-get install seahorse-plugins] to get right-click functionalities for Seahorse. With this you can get OSDnotify displays of verified keys etc.

GUI wise though, I'm a huge fan of the GNU Privacy Assistant.

> Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 08:15:04 -0400
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> Subject: Need a GUI for e ncrypt/decrypt in Ubuntu 11.10
> I just "upgraded" to Ubuntu 11.10 and lost the "right click to
> encrypt/decrypt" a file which, I think, Seahorse utilities provided.
> I'm trying to install KGPG but it Software Center won't download it.  I
> tried apt-get install and that doesn't download the package either.
> Does anyone have a GUI that will accomplish all key management and also
> provide for easy file encrypt/decrypt/verify signature etc, etc?
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