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On 16/06/12 21:42, Anthony Papillion wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I'm having a devil of a time with Ubuntu 11.04 with GnuPG and need a bit
> of help. This MIGHT be a problem with the Enigmail plugin but I think
> it's probably something to do with my GnuPG configuration so I'm asking
> here first.
> Basically, I have GPG 1.4.11 installed. For some reason, I also have the
> binary for gpg2 at /usr/bin/gpg2. However, my Enigmail is picking up
> /usr/bin/gpg so all should be fine (I think).
> For some reason, every time I do anything to an encrypted message, I
> have to re-enter my passphrase. If I open a message, I enter my
> passphrase, then, when I reply to it, I have to enter it again. And to
> send that reply? Yep, enter it again!
> Obviously, something is amiss.
> Can anyone lend me a hand and help me figure this out? I've even gone
> as far as to rename the gpg2 binary so it couldn't be found by the
> system, renamed the gpa.conf file (just in case) and added the
> "no-use-agent" entry to my gpg.conf file with no result.
> Help?!? Please!
> Anthony
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Hello Anthony,

In your .gnupg directory you want to edit the file (or create one) gpg-agent.conf and add
the lines
default-cache-ttl 9000
default-cache-ttl-ssh 1800

You can install the programme GPA and it will under preferences edit it for you. If I recall
Ubuntu does not have it so go to download gpa - you have to
./configure - make - make install. Also make sure gpg-agent's running.


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