GPG with GPUs

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at
Sun Jun 17 16:04:09 CEST 2012

On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 07:54:46PM +0200, Hauke Laging wrote:
> Are these files huge? It's hard for me to believe that this takes seconds. 
> What I would easily believe is that the system gets an entropy problem. The 
> delay would not be related to CPU performance then. So maybe a hardware RNG 
> improves your situation.

These files are about 200KB in size. We have a Perl script that handles the
encryption/decryption for us. It could be the RNG slowing the process down.
I won't disagree with that, but each time I need to encrypt the file, it
takes about 2s. This is on fairly modern hardware running Debian GNU/Linux
unstable. Intel Xeon quad-core with 6 GB DDR3 RAM.

Regardless, I would love to research and play with cryptogprahpy on GPUs,
so I'm curious what progress GnuPG has made in this area, if any. Things
like ECB mode or parallel stream ciphers.


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