GPG with GPUs

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sun Jun 17 20:50:15 CEST 2012

On 17/06/12 19:26, Hauke Laging wrote:
> start cmd:> time gpg --encrypt --sign 200k-file 
> Sie benötigen eine Passphrase, um den geheimen Schlüssel zu entsperren.
> Benutzer: "Hauke Laging <hauke at>"
> 2048-Bit RSA Schlüssel, ID 0x3A403251, erzeugt 2010-03-04 (Hauptschlüssel-ID 
> 0xECCB5814)
> real    0m0.143s
> user    0m0.086s
> sys     0m0.008s

The OP said he encrypted to about 50 recipients. With such a small file, the
asymmetric operation will be way more significant in the total time than if the
file were much larger. You seem to be encrypting to only one recipient (you have
a default-recipient?), so the comparison is way off.

Furthermore, you'll need to establish the key size and asym cipher used for the
recipients before you can do a fair comparison. Because a tin-foil hat RSA 16k
key will be a bit more intensive than a 1k DSA key ;).


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