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John wrote:
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>> > message when I use GPA to try retrieving a key. The message states
>> > this: "There is no plugin available for the keyserver protocol you
>> > specified." What am I missing? Thanks.
>> IIRC, GPA has no support for "hpks".  You need to use "hkp".  For
>> historical reasons GPA uses GnuPG's key server helper programs directly
>> and has not been updated to allow for TLS encrypted connections.
> Werner, hello.
> If GPA has no support for hkps, what commands should be used on the command 
> line with gpg, given what I have already indicated? Thanks.

The real problems here is that there is no agreement on which port HKPS should
be served, and few if any keyservers are supporting TLS/SSL encypted connections.

Unless you know the details of the keyserver you are trying to use, your best
bet is https://

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