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On 25/05/12 14:03, Mark H. Wood wrote:
> On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 04:55:59PM +0100, david at gbenet.com wrote:
>> - From tests carried out - Mandrava Linux was ok. I suspect that other Linux distros have no
>> real problems - just because your works - does not mean that every other Linux distro works.
> However: because it works on my system, even though there is no GPG v1
> installed on it anywhere, does demonstrate that gpg v1 is not required
> and gpg v2 is not the problem.
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Therefore, are we saying that with some Linux distros that happen to have installed gp2
automatically that those Linux distros have a problem with gpg2?

For example opensuse - all versions tested:

(1) When you open the address book in TB select an address right mouse click you get an
option to create a per-recipient rule for that person. (Openpgp/inigmail is installed for
you to do this). With gpg2 installed this option flickers jumps and fades out.

(2) With gpg1 - it is clear - no jumping -no fading no fuzziness - you get other options -
such a delete - which are not available when just pgp2 is installed. This same flickering
and fuzzing occurs with Fedora-16 all GUIs 32/64 bit and you only have one menu option which
is to create a rule - though it flickers on and off one does not know one's created a rule
till you go an check it within the options of openpgp.

(3) Having created such a rule you decide to digitally sign and send an encrypted e-mail to
that person using their public key.

(4) But - and this is the big big big but - you  can not digitally sign whilst encrypting -
and worse when the person gets that e-mail they say "Why did you send me an e-mail that I
can not open." These are real person to person facts with gpg2 installed on all the Linux
distros I tested.

(5) Now I say that gpg2 does not work with the Linux distros I tested. Not all Linux distros
are the same they convert open source to proprietary branded Linux.

(6) And what's worse when end users download Thunderbird from Mozilla when they download
enigmail from their respective web sites and correctly install correctly configure they
still have the same problems with gpg2.

This is why I said and listed those Linux distros that gpg2 does not work with. Now I
suggested that perhaps enigmail/openpgp was at fault - and got told to bugger off cos it was
a gpg2 problem.

Now as a scientist who believes in the scientific method I have tested and have drawn my
tests into the public domain. Now some people's reaction was not helpful - reading in that I
was angry without reading the contents of my e-mail - these are fuck-wits. Lowlife
cyber-hoodies. But I am patient even with fuck-wits. I may add that I do not consider you a
fuck wwit or indeed a cyber-hoodie.

But we are still faced with the issues raised thy don't go away:

(1) Because "Oh it works on my system so it must work on other people's."

(2) "Bugger off we are not interested in how many Linux distros you tested it's not got
anything to do with us."

(3) "Its not gpg2 it's something else."  The "something else" is always a mystery.

To conclude:

(1) Some heavily branded Linux distros do re-write all the open source code to lock users in
and deprive them of some functionality - Seahorse is a case in point

(2) Even when installing the open source for TB and Enigmail gpg2 does not work on Linux
distros (I tested)

(3) Some Linux distros (the one's I tested) do not support gpg2

These are the tested facts of the matter - these are real person to person experiences.

There is one commonality which stands out and that is gpg2.

We may also say:

(1) Do not Install any version of opensuse any version of Ubuntu any version of Fedora-16
and any version of Linux Mint. Why? The gpg2 that get's installed does not work.

(2) All heavily branded Linux distros are no respecter's of open source.

(3) Further more if you decide to download all the open source from their respective web
sites they will not work on these Linux distros.

(4) It took me 10 days sometimes 18 hours per day to test something like 50 Linux Distros
against (a) A person running Windows XP with GPG4Win installed (they had their fair share of
problems too) (b) a person running Mandriva with gpg2 install with "no probs."

I trust that matters are clear


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