Sharing/Storing a private key

Mindiell mindiell at
Fri Dec 13 12:12:12 CET 2013


I'm using GPG regularly and did want to "save" my private key.

On the IRC channel someone linked me to paperkey :

While this project is really interseting, it does not fit my needs.

I found ssss ( too, but it wasn't

really usable beacause it has too many limitations IMHO.

So I did it myself : ShareIt (

It's a very simple program which take a file (whatever in it a GPG key

or a pdf, etc...) and generates some fragments which can be given to

some contacts in order to "store" the document while not making it

readable directly.

It is using the Shamir's Sharing Secret Algorithm


I ever worked on a faster fragmentation this morning and will push it on

the repo this evening (I can't from here). I planned a C version too, I

hope to release quickly, but it is not really needed urgently because

the Python version

is fast enough to share a GnuPG key.

Any Comments and/or critics are more than welcome, especially on security




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