--textmode not retaining the originating EOR

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at securemecca.net
Fri May 24 21:57:35 CEST 2013

On 05/24/2013 04:49 PM, irak wrote:
> I don't understand your answer. The original encrypted (.pgp) is provided by
> a client that transmits the file to me using a binary transmission. On my
> Linux server when I previously deciphered the file, it resulted in a file
> with CRLF as the EOR. When I use gpg, the result is LF as EOR.
> Is there any control over the gpg decipher process that says don't default
> to the local EOR but use what was stored in the file?

NO.  At least I could not find it in the man pages.  My memory
is hazy on this (going back over six years) but it seems like
PGP had an over-ride.  If it did, then it violated the RFC.

Werner is correct.  Do not use --textmode" if you want the
original mode for text files preserved.  The default is
--no-textmode implying that is what should be used if you
want to preserve the EOR of the original files.

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